Working at Saylor Academy usually means working from a computer in our offices — which is great, because it allows us to connect with students anywhere in the world.

But we welcome any opportunity to get out in our city and meet prospective students face to face, as we were able to do this past Saturday, at the Third Annual Adult College Completion Fair.

Hosted by the Adult College Completion (ACC) Working Group of the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) of the District of Columbia, the fair brought together adult learners, colleges and universities, and community-based organizations, with the goal of providing adult learners in the District with the information they need to start — and finish — an affordable degree program.

In a room that included two of our own college credit partner schools, our delegation (Jackie, Sean, and Sean) met scores of students to talk about how Saylor Academy’s programs can help them reach their college goals.

Our basic pitch was simple: if you are about to start a degree or are trying to finish, Saylor Academy can help you save time and money, as well as graduate more fully prepared for the job market.

Students can use our courses and learning materials to:

  • Earn tuition-free college credit through our partner schools
  • Prepare for third-party credit exams
  • Explore new areas of interest with no risk
  • Satisfy pre-requisites
  • Prepare for more advanced coursework
  • Supplement current formal coursework
  • Bolster a portfolio or resume

Explaining Saylor Academy quickly and clearly was a challenge, but being able to get immediate feedback from prospective students was extremely valuable and will help us to communicate more effectively with everyone on the questions we most often encounter: What courses do you have? When can I start? Is it really free? (How is that possible?) Can I get credit? How can I use this to get a job?

We would like to thank to the Adult College Completion Working Group and OSSE for inviting us to participate in this year’s fair. We are proud to work in our nation’s capital city and would be prouder still to see our programs benefit our neighbors here just as we have seen them do for our students around the world.

Find out more about OSSE and their Adult College Completion initiatives here: