A new companion to the book of the same title by Dr. John Ebersole, Excelsior College’s _Courageous Learning_ traces out the obstacles faced by three adult students in completing their formal education.

Over the course of the documentary, we hear from the students themselves as well as experts from in and around academia. We were pleased to see a cut of the unfinished documentary some months ago and recommend it unreservedly for your acclaim and critique alike.

Courageous Learning: The Documentary – free; full film, 28 minutes; transcript is available.

Watch the Trailer:

Image credit: from original by Excelsior College at http://www.courageouslearning.com/poster/

4 thoughts on “Courageous Learning – free video documentary

    1. Dear Winston,

      learning is free, and always has been. I’ve been through formal University, but you know what I always tell people that I am self-educated. The reason is that anything useful I ever learned, I taught myself, from reading books, and working through course texts. [The only difference is a piece of paper, which only really confirms that you attended a course, not that you actually learned anything!]

      Saylor didn’t exist back then of course. It does now, and it’s a great experience working through a degree program on this platform. Saylor gives you a structure to follow, and your successes should keep you motivated. I think, I felt more accomplished doing self study here, than I ever felt in a formal educational establishment. It’s up to you where you take this. Just find a course that interests you and jump right in.

      Regards, David. ­čÖé

  1. can a non brand university enrolled student take the saylor computer science courses and obtain credits and transfer to brandman university for a degree in computer science,am interested and i want to the possibilities of taking the 15cscourses,ineed urgent response thankyou

    1. As I understand it, Brandman University wishes for students to first enroll in one of their degree/certificate programs; they will then consider Saylor courses. That is to say, you likely would not be able to transfer in credits immediately upon enrollment in their program.

      Certainly, you can begin Saylor courses whenever you wish in order to prepare for a possible degree program.

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