60 CREDITS. (2)We are pleased to announce new college credit recommendations for five more courses from the American Council on Education. These additional recommendations push the Saylor Academy over the important milestone of offering 60+ transferable college credits. That equals two years worth of tuition-free college credit transferable to some terrific, accredited partner colleges!

We are honored and excited to be able to offer students a tuition-free option for college credit that can be earned on a flexible schedule of their choosing. Even taking just a few of these courses can help students complete college and save thousands of dollars. At a time when many are trying to figure out how to offer debt free college, we have no doubt that our program can be part of the solution.

The new credit recommendations are for our Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Sociology, Psychology & Environmental Ethics, Justice and World Views courses. Students and schools interested in learning more about these courses and our college credit program can read all the details over on our college credit page.

We look forward to working with additional colleges, policy makers, foundations and non-profits — both in the U.S. and abroad — to help students access and obtain a debt free college degree.

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