On June 21-22, 2017,  Saylor Academy will host the Saylor Higher Education Summit, an invite-only event that will bring together decision-makers and influencers impacting the post-secondary education space. We invite senior-level higher education administrators, nonprofit leaders, workforce development/e-learning executives, and policymakers to register or request an invitation.

The Saylor Higher Education Summit will explore ways to lower higher education costs and increase access to both traditional and alternative credentials. This theme will explore these issues both domestically and internationally.

The Summit will feature keynote speakers, including our founder Michael Saylor, panels, workshops and breakout sessions discussing new ideas in the post-secondary education marketplace.

Over the 1.5 days of the Summit, people will share their thoughts and ideas on issues such as competency-based education, emerging credential models, and on how to quickly prepare and educate the emerging workforce.

The major question at the core of the Summit, that will bring all the thoughts and ideas together, will be how do we educate and credential the next billion people in need?

Title:   Looking at the Degree and Beyond: Lowering Cost, Increasing Access, Exploring Alternatives
Date:   June 21-22, 2017 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Location:   Washington, DC
Details:   https://summit.saylor.org

We are currently accepting invitation requests and presentation proposals as well.

Request your invitation (Deadline: Until spaces fill)
Submit a workshop or breakout proposal (Deadline: April 30, 2017)

We look forward to seeing you this summer in our city!