PrintWe are excited to announce that Volunteer State Community College, just outside of Nashville, has adapted our course on Professional Etiquette (PRDV104) for use in one of the programs they are revamping under the Rx Tennessee grant program. Initially, the adapted course will be used as part of a Health Informatics program at VSCC and will be made available for use to the entire Tennessee community college system.

Internally, we have always felt that this course was important for students regardless of what career path they were undertaking. The team at VSCC confirmed that belief.

Tracy Derryberry, a Curriculum Specialist at VSCC, explains that “[p]roper etiquette is a fundamental skill for anyone working in the health care field. Health care staff who work directly with patients are the face of the health care facility. Their conduct is highly visible to patients and shapes the patients’ view of their experience in the facility.”

Tracy further explains that the need for these skills is not limited to those dealing directly with patients or the public on a daily basis. For example, “[w]orkers in Information Technology positions at Healthcare facilities must also have excellent etiquette skills. These IT workers will be required to communicate effectively and courteously with many different types of people in order to implement and maintain excellent software systems.”

We are very pleased with the course usage in this program and agree with Tracy how valuable etiquette skills can be to those in a medical field and beyond.

Employers worldwide often note the lack of professional aka “soft skills” among applicants and many college students are paying top dollar to acquire these skills after they graduate. You can boost your resume and job prospects for free starting today by enrolling and completing our Professional Etiquette course. Drop by here or the community forums to let us know what you think.