Thanksgiving, a day of both gratitude and [food] consumption, is followed hard upon by the retail “holidays” of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (Small Business Saturday is nestled quietly between.)

Today is something a bit different: #GivingTuesday, a “national day of generosity” and a great day to invite our community to help Saylor Academy finish strong in 2015.

How can you help, you ask?

Consider making a donation to Saylor Academy today.

This year, we launched new community forums, debuted our courses on Learn, added 18 new college credits to our roster of zero-tuition credit-recommended courses (with more in the works), welcomed over 50,000 new students to our open education project, and shared our courses and pages and resources over 8 million times.

  • A gift of $10 from just 0.06% of our registered students pays for an independent expert to review a course for college credit recommendation
  • A gift of $25 from just 0.6% of our registered students would pay for necessary updates to 10 courses
  • A gift of $100 from just one person pays for our server storage & bandwidth for a full 24 hours, serving thousands of active students each day


There are many other ways to give back to this community, of course:

  • Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about Saylor Academy
  • Tell us your story of learning with Saylor Academy. What has brought you to this community? What does Saylor mean to you? What will you do with what you have learned?
  • Read others’ stories and get to know fellow students in our community forums.
  • Share this blog post!