We are very pleased to announce that JoAnn Kozyrev, Vice President of Design and Development at Western Governors University, will deliver a keynote for our “Competencies and Credentials as Currency” track on Friday, June 8, 2018. Join us at the Summit on the Credentialing Economy, June 7-8, 2018, to learn more!

Professional portrait of JoAnn Kozyrev
JoAnn Kozyrev
Western Governors University

At WGU, Joann Kozyrev is responsible for leading a team of curriculum specialists, instructional designers, assessments experts, and content creators. She directs the strategic alignment of instructional and assessment design best practices to ensure that every WGU student has an engaging learning experience.

Prior to joining WGU, Kozyrev was the Executive Director of Learning Innovation for the University of Texas System. While there, she worked to design high-impact programs and technologically enhanced learning experiences.

For a preview of Ms. Kozyrev’s expertise, you can also review her LinkedIn article on credentials.