We are happy to announce that Saylor Academy students will now be able to benefit from a free subscription to Memory Science, an education technology startup that has developed tools that can be used to help students study for Saylor Academy or other assessments.

About Memory Science:

  • Memory Science is neuroscience-based learning supplement that helps students learn and remember twice as much information as traditional study techniques.
  • Using an interactive question and answer format, Memory Science enables all types of student to retain critical information from their class, driving mastery of material and improving test scores.
  • They have created a special opportunity for Saylor Academy students to access the premium version of their services for free!

To take advantage of this promotion, set up a free account here using the promo code SAYLOR.

Watch the video below for a quick demo showing how to create your premium Memory Science account.

To learn more about Memory Science, visit their website here. Additionally, Memory Science and Saylor would love to hear your feedback. To ask questions and share thoughts specific to Memory Science and their neuroscience tools, contact them at [email protected]. To let us know if this tool was helpful to you in your Saylor Academy studies, contact us here.


One thought on “Memory Science Promo for Saylor Academy Students

  1. This is great can,t wait to try it out.

    Thanks saylor for once again making life so much easier for students.

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