If you keep up with some of the hot topics in our forums, you know that our Eportfolio system (eportfolio.saylor.org) and our student sign-in system (cas.saylor.org) have long been scheduled to be taken out of service, allowing you to manage your studies in a single location (learn.saylor.org).

That day is nearly upon us. In two weeks (on March 16th, 2016), we will close down our Eportfolio and you will no longer be able to access your profile and account information via https://eportfolio.saylor.org.

You will still have your Saylor Academy account! There will be NO CHANGE to how you currently interact with courses, earn certificates, etc.

Instead of using the Eportfolio, you will sign in and manage your account where you take your courses, at https://learn.saylor.org. Moodle, the software that supports our courses, will handle both user authentication (signing in to your account) and your account profile information, replacing CAS and Eportfolio, respectively.

Good to know:

  • Work samples and posts to any study groups you have participated in will not be available after Eportfolio is shut down; these files have not been transferred to our courses site (https://learn.saylor.org)
  • For a detailed look at Eportfolio features, including which features will be replaced and which will no longer be available after March 16th, please see our August 2015 blog post — a chart from that post is reproduced below
  • Your basic account information has already been transferred to your account at https://learn.saylor.org
  • You will use the same email address and password as before

What you should do:

  • Download and save any work samples you have previously uploaded to your Eportfolio account
  • Make a copy of your “bio” and other profile information you wish to retain
  • Optional: download your latest transcript and save a copy (there is a transcript available alongside your course certificates in Accredible and you will NOT lose certificate/exam completion information)
  • Sign in to your account via https://learn.saylor.org and review your profile and other information — here’s how (if you have forgotten your password, see here)
  • Leave a comment on this post or get in touch with any questions you have

Eportfolio Features Migration Translation Map