Individual, self-guided learners are the primary audience for our courses, but programs, institutions and individuals educating others account for a significant proportion of the people we reach.

As a nonprofit, understanding our impact is crucial for us to spread the word and enlist support. By learning about how programs and institutions benefit from our materials, we can more easily build toward a sustainable learning community.

You can help by filling out our short survey on your use of Saylor Academy materials. If you are willing, too, we’d love to feature your organization on our blog!

Here are examples of the kinds of “use cases” we would love to know more about:

  • Textbook adoptions
  • Homeschool programs for one or more students
  • Use by teachers in or parallel to the grade school classroom
  • Use by teachers in or parallel to the college classroom
  • Use by schools, colleges, or universities
  • Employee training and/or advancement
  • Adult education programs
  • Charitable or other institutional programs
  • Tutoring of one or more students

If you think your use of Saylor Academy materials should be on this list, we invite you to complete the survey; you are always welcome to get in touch with your questions!

Take the Survey

Are you an individual student? We always invite you to share your thoughts and read others’ stories here.

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