Yesterday, we mentioned that more credit opportunities would be on the way; here’s a 50% savings opportunity to kick off the new year:

Students can now earn (more) inexpensive credit for MA121: Introduction to Statistics. Through our partnership with StraighterLine, we’ve secured a 50% discount off of their MAT202 Statistics course (which utilizes Saylor’s MA121 course content) for Saylor students seeking credit* who enter SFSTAT50 at checkout.

The discount is available to any students new to StraighterLine who enroll in MAT202 by January 15th. Finish the StraighterLine assessment within 30 days of enrollment and you’ll pay less than 21 dollars per credit. Get started at StraighterLine.

*Credit is available through the American Council of Education or through many of StraighterLine’s college partners

Photo credit: Eric Fischer via photopin CC BY 2.0

One thought on “Get college credit for less with Intro Statistics at StraighterLine

  1. Although I welcome the credit earning opportunities in principle, in practice there seems very little evidence that there is mass demand for this option. Colorado State University offered credit for Udacity courses for the price of a proctored exam ($89). Despite the saving on the normal $1,050 course fee they attracted exactly zero applications in a twelve month period.

    Credit transfer regularly scores well in surveys of current MOOC students but those responding seldom indicate an intention of taking up such possibilities themselves. I suspect that some of those supporting credit transfer do so with the intention of improving the credibility of the courses by association.

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