Two weeks from today, we will hold a long overdue “office hours”* session via Google Hangout on Air. We will take questions before and during the hangout, and the video will be archived for those who are not able to watch it live.

Expect updates about our website, our tech, our courses, our certificates, and our community forums — plus whatever topics you would like to know about. This won’t be a slick marketing spiel, just real talk with real Saylor staff about what we have been up to the past few months and what we are working on in the first few months of 2015.

When: Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 | 2:00 PM EST

Where:  Community page | YouTube | Google+ Event Page

What to do:

We look forward to hearing from you — and to shedding more light on what we have done and are doing to make the Saylor Academy community open and successful!

*Really, an office hour. Possible an office forty-five minutes. But you get the idea…

One thought on “Hang out with us on February 11th

  1. Well, I assume I speak not only for myself, but one of the top (if not indeed Nr. 1) issues Saylor Academy has to address very soon is that of the Final Certificates offered for the completion of a full Major path.

    I think this above mentioned certificate is the most important of all certificates Saylor Academy could grant, an important benchmark of the academy. Others, granted for different educational paths, are important too, of course.

    Saylor needs to promote itself better and achieve the once proposed main objective: offering the fruition (in the form of a credential, albeit non-accredited, but yet backed by the community’s staff – very important note!) of a full free alternative to the traditional college major.

    I can only predict that this measure once implemented will attract greater numbers of students towards Saylor, thus increasing the possibilities of meeting other organizational goals as well.

    Thank you and best wishes!

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