Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies

Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies, Dwarka made a beginning in 2008 by introducing management courses under the aegis of Shri Banarsidas Chandiwala Sewa Smarak Trust Society. The society was founded by Shri Brij krishna Chandiwala in the memory of his father Late Shri Banarsidas Chandiwala.

It is conceived as a unique growth-oriented institute of management. The Institute continuously endeavors to nurture the students as confident and competent professionals to meet the aspirations of the corporate world as well as the society at large.

BCIPS and Saylor Academy have partnered to offer skill development opportunities to its students. Students can take any Saylor Academy course and earn fully digital, shareable certificates; however BCIPS and Saylor Academy have recommended some courses to help you start on your journey. Learn why you should share your certificates here.


Institution Recommended Courses

Professional Development
CUST105: Customer Service PRDV213: Group Communication
PRDV002: Professional Writing PRDV221: Introduction to Management
PRDV003: Word Processing PRDV222: Management: Historical Development and Globalization
PRDV004: Spreadsheets PRDV223: Organizational Culture, Diversity, and Ethics
PRDV005: Time and Stress Management PRDV224: Leadership and Teams
PRDV006: Spreadsheets II: Formatting and Functions PRDV225: Managing Employees
PRDV007: Spreadsheets III: Presenting Data PRDV226: Introduction to Human Resource Management
PRDV008: Preparing and Delivering Presentations PRDV227: Introduction to Business Planning and Strategy
PRDV009: Writing Grant Proposals PRDV228: Decision-Making
PRDV010: Evaluating Sources and References PRDV229: Organization Structure, Change, and the Future of Management
PRDV 102: Resume Writing PRDV230: Create a Workplace Conflict Resolution Policy
PRDV103: Interviewing Skills PRDV231: Elements of Ethical Leadership
PRDV104: Professional Etiquette PRDV304: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
PRDV151: Bitcoin for Everybody PRDV410: Introduction to Java and Object-Oriented Programming
PRDV211: Foundations of Human Communication PRSM107: Crisis Communication
PRDV212: Interpersonal Communication SALES103: Public Speaking for Sales