Bridging Nations Foundation, a D.C.-based nonprofit that exists for the “promotion of dialogue and technological progress between the nations of the United States, India, and China”, is hosting a conference on the future of higher education.

The Higher Education Tsunami Conference will be held next Tuesday, December 10th, at the foundation’s Dupont Circle headquarters.

“There’s a tsunami coming. I can’t tell you exactly how it’s going to break, but my goal is to try to surf it, not just to stand there.”
–John Hennessy, President, Stanford University

The day-long conference features keynotes by Dr. Deborah Wince-Smith (President & CEO, Council on Competitiveness) and Jeff Selingo (The Chronicle of Higher Education) as well as a dozen-odd additional panelists.

In attendance will be not just a well-curated list of higher ed wonks (Saylor Foundation staff will be there) and representatives of academia, government, but also key stakeholders in business and industry — the economic powerhouses that absolutely depend on the success and efficacy of higher education here and abroad. The Higher Education Tsunami Conference is a fantastic opportunity to explore future ed innovation in an unmediated, personal, powerful setting.


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Registration – 8:30
Morning Session – 9:00

  • Panel 1 – In the Eye of the Storm: Problems in the Field of Higher Education
  • Panel 2 – The Changing Landscape and Current Solutions to the Higher Education Crisis

Lunch – 12:30
Afternoon Session – 2:00

  • Panel 3 – International Case Studies & Winners and Losers
  • Panel 4 – Looking Forward: Best Policy, Business Models and Practices

Reception – 5:00-6:00

Image courtesy Bridging Nations Foundation