So you’ve got your favorite coffee in hand and your favorite spot all staked out. You take a sip and smile, open your laptop or tablet and read up on your next assignment in one of our courses — and then it hits you: you forgot your notebook!  But before you debate giving up the best seat in the house to hit the nearest stationery store, why not take a look at some of these apps that will help you annotate, highlight, record, and otherwise get through your jam? Our K12ELA English Language Arts 8 course has some neat ideas tucked away in the “Course Information” section of its homepage, and we’re here to shed some light on them for you!

For Computers:

Scrible.comScribleThis sleek app allows you to annotate and highlight digital texts. Then, you can save it into your personal library for your own reviewing pleasure and/or pass it onto your friends!

Videonot.esVideo Notes: Got video lectures to view? Well this app is all-over it-literally! Take notes while watching the video with the time-stamp already coded in! Each session is automatically saved to your Google account!

For Tablets & iPads:

Adobe ReaderAdobe Reader App: For Android and iOS users alike, this app has it all! Annotating and highlighting your pdf’s is a snap!

GoodNotesGood NotesThis awesome app allows you to annotate and highlight with the use of your tablet and/or mobile device. You can also import materials from iTunes U and zoom in and out to get the bigger picture. When you’re all done, save it to Dropbox for safekeeping.

For Everywhere:

EverNoteEvernoteLike the other previously mentioned apps, you can annotate and highlight digital text with Evernote. But the unique and best feature of this app is that it will sync all of your devices so that you can simultaneously switch from your laptop to your tablet and go straight from where you left off!

Hints for E-readers:
Did you know that you can mark-up your text in devices like the NOOK and Kindle, no separate app required? Just tap, right click, or touch and you’re well on your way! Better yet, both Kindle and NOOK have apps for smartphones, tablets, Windows, Mac, and the Cloud — you don’t even have to own the device.

Well? Are there any other apps that you use? What kinds of cool tricks do you have up your sleeve? Let us know by commenting below! We’d love to hear from you! Happy Studying!