Creative Commons seeks to hear from businesses that use or might use open models and Creative Commons licensing to support their business models. Under this initiative, businesses will both contribute and receive feedback, advice, etc. on achieving sustainability with open models.

Clearly, the Saylor Academy’s model depends on open content, both curated and created, which we re-share with and open license. That helps us to build sustainable courses at reasonable cost. Less clear is that businesses great and small, from Google to individuals like authors and tutors, make use of open content for a wide variety of reasons and with considerable success.

This is a great opportunity to learn how they do it and to contribute your own successes (or difficulties) to a wider business community. Point the entrepreneur or businessperson in your life to CC’s blog post:

Open Business Models – Call For Participation

From the post (all following Paul Stacey @ Creative Commons | CC BY):

Creative Commons invites you to participate in these open business model activities:

  1. Join us in designing, developing, and iterating a set of interactive Creative Commons open business model tools that anyone can use to design an open business model.
  2. Use these open business model tools yourself to generate your own open business model(s).
  3. Share the results of your participation including the open business models you generate.
  4. Provide feedback and recommendations for improving the Creative Commons open business model tools and process.
  5. Partner directly with Creative Commons on developing an open business model for your specific initiative.
  6. Participate in a Creative Commons workshop on generating open business models.
  7. Contribute to a Creative Commons open business models report.