Back in March, we soft-launched our new course platform at We asked for early user testing and feedback. This morning, we announced that all Saylor-supported courses will live exclusively on the new platform after May 13th.

We encourage all students to make the switch to the new platform right away, before May 13th. There is still much to do and we still want lots of feedback, so please send your thoughts our way!

You can explore and sign in with your account at

One thought on “Our new course platform, “Learn”, is officially live

  1. Hello Team
    Sad to see the legacy courses and the major/minor go. I was enrolled in English literature. I find it sad that I can’t get a certificate after the August date.

    Will you revamp the legacy courses and major/minor courses (or at least some of them) and put them on the new platform?

    It would be much appreciated.

    Btw – your new platform is very good.

    Charlotte Reisch

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