National Training Agency

Contact Information:

Gadville McDonald
Executive Director
National Training Agency
Gladstone Road Complex
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas
Tel: 1 (242) 461-6000


The goals of the National Training Agency are:

  • To build a competency based training and job placement system that is flexible and responsive to the actual requirements of the workplace via a network of suitable training institutions, organizations, and programmes involved in the process of supplying qualified and skilled labour for the Bahamas.
  • To provide for the allowance of job creation through training and employment schemes including internships, special job projects, entrepreneurial opportunities and the expansion of the modern national apprenticeship program in keeping with the Government’s policy on apprenticeship training.
  • To encourage and establish public and private sectors and civil society stakeholder partnerships and relationships to facilitate the operation of a flexible and competency based training and job referral system; using a network of approved and accredited Industry Training Providers and Programmes.

The Bahamas National Training Agency and Saylor Academy have partnered to offer free opportunities to learn career-building skills and earn a free certificate you can use to develop your portfolio. Students can share their certificates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. More information regarding free certificates is available here.


Organization Recommended Courses

Career Development
CUST 104: Business Communications
CUST 105: Customer Service
PRDV002: Professional Writing
PRDV003: Word Processing
PRDV004: Spreadsheets
PRDV006: Spreadsheets II: Formatting & Functions
PRDV007: Spreadsheets III: Presenting Data
PRDV009: Writing Grant Proposals
PRDV102: Resume Writing
PRDV221: Introduction to Management
PRDV222: Management – Historical & Globalization
PRDV223: Organizational Culture, Diversity & Ethics
PRDV224: Leadership & Teams
PRDV225: Managing Employees
PRDV226: Intro. to HR Management
PRDV227: Intro to Business Planning & Strategy
PRDV228: Decision- Making
PRDV229: Organization Structure, Change & the Future Management
PRDV304: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
PRDV410: Intro to Java and object oriented Programming
PRSM107: Crisis Communication
SALES103: Public Speaking for Sales
PRDV151: Bitcoin for Everybody
BUS 101: Intro to Business
BUS 103: Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS105: Managerial Accounting
BUS 203: Principles of Marketing
BUS 205: Business Law
BUS 305: Small Business Management
BUS 402: Project Management
BUS 501: Strategic Management
ECON 307: International Trade
Computer Science:
CS 101: Introduction to Computer Science I
CS 102 : Introduction to Computer Science II
CS 105: Introduction to Python
CS 107: C++ Programming
MA001: College Algebra
MA005: Calculus I
Social Studies:
Psychology: PSYCH101: Introduction to Psychology
Sociology: SOC101: Introduction to Sociology