Teamwork is a key 21st Century skill and a core component is effective communication. More precisely, teamwork requires effective group communication.

With our new professional development course on Group Communication you will learn the principles of small group communication so you can function more effectively, both in your personal life and in the workplace.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • identify specific competencies of the interpersonal communication process used in small group communication;
  • identify the stages of small group development;
  • identify  small group communication settings;
  • explain the roles of people in small groups;
  • apply the theories of communication to the small group setting; and
  • identify ethical and unethical applications of communication in small groups.

Employers continue to identify communication as a skill they want candidates to have. Also, if you’re an entrepreneur, being able to effectively communicate with your team is a key component to success. Suffice to say, these communication skills will help you develop professionally no matter what field you are in or are planning to enter.  

Like all Saylor Academy courses, this course is free and offers the opportunity to earn a free certificate that you can list on your resume, professional website, or on your LinkedIn profile.

Explore PRDV213: Group Communication

Share this course with your ‘group’, and perhaps study the course together. The course is estimated to take 7 hours to complete, but you can study at your own pace.

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