CT University

Dr. Kamal Malik
Deputy Director MOOC Cell
CT University, Ludhiana
[email protected]
Contact No. 7015048467


CT University (CTU) has grown as a leading institution of higher education in India. With its need-based programmes in academics, research and social engagement, CTU is registering a global visibility. The strength of the CTU is its eminent faculty, originality of programmes, creditability of achievement, and its lasting impact on society.

CT University and Saylor Academy have partnered to provide skill development opportunities to CTU students!  Please see the below course list, and review our full course catalog for more details.

Institution Recommended Courses

English Language Courses

Professional Development

Other Career Skill Development


Saylor Academy course certificates can be shared with friends or even a prospective employer to display your skills. Please see our FAQ page to learn more about sharing and using certificates.