SSIPS Raipur

CS Mahima Singh Thakurai
[email protected]


Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Studies (SSIPS, Raipur) is a young institute that started its operations in 2017. SSIPS is a growing, dynamic institute that believes in novelty and creativity and it is one of the institutes in Chhattisgarh providing a platform to novice professionals by giving them opportunities of campus placement and industrial programs.

The Institute believes in transforming raw minds into professionals through focus on pure academics appended with constructive co-curricular activities to support the students gaining knowledge and succeeding in their careers.

SSIPS envisions itself as aa front-runner in providing a value-based quality education system enriched with technology, innovation and leadership through an integrated approach of teaching-learning and advancement.

SSIPS motivates, molds, and prepares the students for positions of leadership in business organizations at the local, national, and international levels. The ultimate objective is to produce commerce graduates who possess the skills, problem solving tools and professionalism essential for being successful.