Sangam University

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The word SANGAM means a confluence of rivers, denoting an act of coming together or all merging into one. To uphold this unity, Sangam University has been established by BadrilalSoni Charitable trust and promoted by Sangam Group of Industries with the mission to make world class higher education affordable and accessible to all sections of society. The vision of their University is to become a center of excellence for holistic development and global education by cultivating and nurturing young minds to transform into global leaders of the future.

Founded in the year 2012, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, Sangam is built with the objective to become one of the best universities of Rajasthan. They meet the demands of this dynamic corporate and professional society.

Sangam is a student-centered university that empowers each individual to succeed. They offer an accessible, nurturing and student-focused educational experience to those who want to move ahead steadily towards personal or professional growth. Their diverse faculty maintains good association with students, mentoring them throughout their entire educational journey. SU is a comprehensive University of learning – dedicated to the internal and professional growth of our students.

Why Sangam?
Sangam University brings you a host of special features that translate into greater opportunities. This makes the environment more conducive to learning, helping the students absorb the concepts and form insights better.