Our office is usually a quiet place, with the harmonic symphony of clicking keyboards, and sips of coffee being the the only sound that fills the small shared office space, but today was different. Today our Facebook page just reached a milestone with 1 million followers!

Sounds of mugs clinking filled the office as we congratulated each other and all the hard work it took to get to this point. But as the celebratory noise faded and the symphony returned I started to lean back in my chair and think, “what does this mean”? What does 1 million followers mean for Saylor Academy?

After a second cup of coffee I came to realize that 1 million followers means we have 1 million more reasons to work harder every day to provide free and accessible online education.

1 million reasons to continue to be a part of and help grow the Open Education Resource (OER) movement.

1 million reasons to continue seeking partnerships with organizations and schools around the world to help have our students get the most out of our free courses.

1 million reasons and counting.

To all our students, our followers, and our friends, thank you. We would not be here without people like you who have shown time and again that our courses have helped you in one way or another.




If you reside in the United States, or can get here, and work in Higher Education, we would love to have you attend our Higher Education Summit being held on June 21-22 in Washington DC.

Demand for better access to higher education is increasing every day, as our rapidly growing Facebook page has shown, and we want to take the time during our Summit to discuss how we all can tackle the challenge of educating the next billion people.

Other areas of discussion at the Summit will include designing education for working adult learners, assessing and credentialing prior knowledge, the use of alternative credentials, and much more.

For more information and to request and invitation you can visit summit.saylor.org.