With Accredible, we have just announced our work to build the next generation of course certificates. As Accredible says on their post,

Accredible’s certificates go beyond the standard PDF certificate, showing what a student has learned by embedding evidence and insights into a clear format optimized for glancability.

A soft launch, which will include 93 or our courses, is just days away, so keep an eye on the blog! In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Partnering with Accredible to build interactive portfolio certificates

  1. Sounds good !

    Just started on the Biology pathway (Well, Area Of Focus) to supplement my current Biology and Ecology studies here in France, and one of the courses I’ve chosen o start with is on the Moodle-platform !

    A certificate that represents not just a “paper” saying you have it , but actually integrates information about HOW they did it seems like a superb idea !

    1. Peter — good luck / bonne chance with the biology and with your other studies. The folks at Accredible are very responsive to feedback — their major customers, so to speak, are organizations — but the certificates have to work well for individuals to be worthwhile for anyone. I think a number of positive developments are still to come!

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