This Weekend Assignment revolves round the theme of projects. Going about cleaning your house on the weekend is a project. Organizing your sock drawer is a project. Sending a satellite into space is a project.

What truly defines a project? How large can projects get? What was one of the first major projects to changed the world? These are a few questions you could explore while you find a weekend home project to tackle.

If you are interested in learning about Project Management we have a course you could take.

But first let’s explore the last Weekend Assignment on language.

We got some interesting facts from Discourse user charrington.

Charrington shared that 14% of the world’s population speaks Mandarin, making it the largest population of native speakers. English comes in third with 5.5% of the world’s population being native speakers and Spanish is second with 5.9% being native speakers.

5 of the 10 most natively spoken languages come from Asia and 3 of those 5 come from the Indian subcontinent.

Charrington also shared that according to the Ethnologue there are around 6909 spoken languages in the world. However, that number is likely to decline over time as more people abandon their less spoken native languages for the economical advantages of English or Mandarin.

It is estimated that there are around 1.5 billion english speakers in the world, a majority of whom speak it as a second language.

One more fact before you begin your weekend. Tamil is one of the oldest languages that is still spoken. The language can be dated back to as far as the third century BCE.

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